• Column-based annotation is a part of table-based annotation and is used when you need to train the system to pick up specific columns correctly. For example, quantity or amount columns.

This type of annotation is needed to show the system how to read the column from the invoice table correctly. To do so, we need to map the right column on the invoice. 

For this, you will find an icon next to the corresponding column:

Video lesson: Watch how to train the system with table-based annotation

A step-by-step guide

For example, to train the system to extract the correct Quantity column from the invoice, you will need to:

  • Click on the icon next to the Quantity column in Ocerra, and then click on the header of this column on the original document on the left. 
  • Click "Annotate" button. 

Tip: Click on the first figure in the column instead of the header if the first option didn't produce the desired outcome. 

If you have a few columns to fix, do it all at once and then click “Annotate”:



Sometimes the system may not give you the desired result after annotation. This might be due to a specific invoice layout that the system is unfamiliar with. Please apply column or header annotation (see below), if this doesn't help check the article about how to work with expectations. Learn about exceptions here.