Sometimes you may need to discuss or review an invoice with someone else from your company. If they have access to Ocerra, they can open and review it.  

There are a few ways you can quickly share an invoice:

Copy URL link of the invoice

You can do this only from the Invoice page in Ocerra:

Use "Share Link" button on the Approval Page

You can do this only from the Approval page in Ocerra:

"Share Link" will create a link that you can paste into the email or your teams chat.  

For example, is inviting you to look at Invoice #1234569 from All Fine Foods in ABC Company here:

Please note that a link won't open if a person you are sharing it with is not a user in Ocerra or has no permission to view an invoice. For example, it is not in their approval workflow. 


If you manage multiple companies in Ocerra, please ensure you are logged to the right company to open up a shared link to the invoice.