Consolidated invoices contain multiple pages, summaries, and descriptions. Ocerra was designed to extract data from a tax invoice with one summary data (one transaction at a time). In the case of the consolidated invoice documents, it does not know where to obtain data and which one to populate for the export. It has an output only for one invoice. 


Note: Ocerra extracts and reads data only from the first five pages of the document.  

When you receive a consolidate invoice in Ocerra with five pages:

  • Split this invoice into separate invoice documents 
  • Ocerra will create new invoice files for data extraction
  • Separately process them in Ocerra
  • Note: they will all have the same invoice number, and as a result, the system will mark them as duplicates. Please ignore and process as normal

When you receive a consolidate invoice in Ocerra with more than five pages:

  • Download the original file and check how many total summaries is has. 
  • You will have to split it in a different app and re-upload to Ocerra each document separately, or
  • Manually process in your system.


If there is a page with a grand total for all the items, this needs to be processed in your system.