Native and Scanned PDFs

Ocerra can process native PDF documents with text or scanned PDF documents with images only*

If you receive invoices in any other format, please scan it and save as PDF before emailing or uploading it to Ocerra. 


  • Ocerra AI can only read a scanned image with a small angle of up to 15 degrees
  • Ensure that the document is saved either in the portrait or landscape orientation
  • Ocerra processes up to 3 invoices per minute per account
  • Ensure the file size is no more than 4MB

By default, we only process the first 5 pages of the document. Ocerra is unable to process more pages at the moment. If there are more pages in one document, please download it and enter values manually. 

*If you receive many invoices in other formats (not PDF), please let us know, and we will consider adding this feature for you.