A supplier can email multiple invoice documents as one PDF file. You will see it when you open it up in Ocerra, as it will show the number of pages. 

  • Use Up and Down icon arrows to view pages: 

If you find different invoices in one PDF file, you will need to split them into separate invoice documents. 

This way, Ocerra will read and extract data correctly from each document. 

Split document instructions

  • Go to the page you want to start splitting using the Next Page icon. 
  • Click on the Split Icon and confirm that you would like to split this page. 

  • You will now see a red Split Line on the top, indicating what pages you are going to split.
  • If you have other documents in the file, click the Split button again. 
  • When finished, click on the Split button at the bottom. It will start the splitting process; you will have to wait until it is complete:

  • Click save and exit. On the invoice summary list, you will see each invoice as a separate document.
  • You can now continue working with these documents individually.

Note: If there are many pages in one PDF file, e.g. more than 5, it might take up to a minute for Ocerra to complete the splitting process. This happens because Ocerra is not only creating a new document but also extracting data from these documents at the same time.