• Attach other files to an invoice in Ocerra.
  • View or download other files from the email.
  • Export other files to your system*

Ocerra shows Excel, Word and Power Point attachments from the email on each invoice:

Email attachment can be also seen from the EMAIL tab or Inbox page:

The PDF attachment itself is not shown as it is processed for data extraction. This PDF file will be exported to your system automatically. Other attachments will stay in Ocerra for approval or audit purposes. 

(!) Highlight attachment tabs for enhanced visibility - both the details page and the approval page (readonly), when attachments are present, the corresponding attachment tabs will be have a bell next to it.


Attach Excel, Word or Power Point files to an invoice

Open Attachments tab and click to upload or drag and drop files manually:

Exporting other files to your system

*Currently available with MYOB Advanced only.

How to export Other Attachment to MYOB Advanced.