• Attach other files to an invoice in Ocerra and export to MYOB Advanced.
  • How to enable export to MYOB Advanced for Other files.

Attach other files to an invoice in Ocerra for audit or approval purposes:

Export other files as attachments to MYOB Advanced

  • Navigate to Settings - MYOB Advanced
  • Open Settings and Enable "Export Other Attachments"
  • Click "Save"

When this parameter is enabled, Ocerra will export other attachments along with the original PDF invoice to MYOB Advanced:

(!) Please note that we automatically attach all attachments from Ocerra to Advanced. If the file format is not supported in Advanced and you encounter the error below when trying to download it: 

You can add it using file upload preferences: https://community.acumatica.com/configuration-and-installation-114/file-upload-preferences-9100