• Learn how the Smart Excel Export feature works and which data are included in the exported file.

With just a click, you can export invoice data into Excel, tailored to your filter preferences, simplifying data analysis and reporting. This feature is designed to swiftly extract key data, facilitating analysis and enabling quicker, informed decision-making. 

To download your invoices, simply click the download excel icon at the bottom of the screen, next to the 'items per page' option. 

Note: Hover over the icon reveals a prompt highlighting the capability to "download up to 1000 records in excel format".

Remember: Smart Excel feature is seamlessly connected with your filter preferences, as you filter invoices based on specific criteria such as status (e.g., Received), only the invoices matching that status will be downloaded to Excel.

Downloaded data:

Along with the basic invoice details like date, sender, due date, and amount, we've added an additional column specifically dedicated to extracting coding elements from the invoice, such as Jobs. 

For more granular or detailed analysis beyond our new smart Excel export feature, we offer integration with Microsoft OData.

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