New Features & Improvements

Invoice list

  • Share link has been added to the Invoice list. An Accountant can now follow up with the approver by sharing an invoice link with approver:


  • A new state, "OK" has been added to the Inbox page to show that the document was processed to the invoice page. 
  • The issue with large invoices (10+ pages) not processing to the invoice list is fixed now too.

Extension Columns or user-defined columns

Extension columns have been added to Ocerra. This functionality allows adding up to 5 custom columns to your data extraction page in Ocerra. You can code any data on the line-level before exporting to your system. This data either synced from your system or manually imported to Ocerra. 

Learn more about it here.

MYOB AccountRight

Jobs are now available in Ocerra for MYOB AccountRight.

MYOB Advanced

Sub-accounts and Projects are now available to sync from your system and code in Ocerra. In your MYOB Advanced integration in Ocerra, you will find additional control parameters that you will need to enable, save and sync:

Important: You will need to enable default Task in MYOB to sync and use Projects to Ocerra.