• Learn what you can do with extension columns.
  • How to configure extension columns in Ocerra.


With extension columns or user-defined columns, you can code any data on the line-level that is required by your finance, e.g. sub-accounts, projects/jobs, tracking categories and more. Whatever you code in your system when creating a new bill, it can be configured in Ocerra via API. This will reduce or entirely remove the double-handling of AP invoices. 

Extension columns allow configuring additional coding on the line-level that exists in your ERP or accounting software.

For example, it is currently used to sync and code "Jobs" with AccountRight integration. Sub-accounts and Projects with MYOB Advanced, and "Tracking Categories" with Xero.

Any user-defined column added to Ocerra has to be manually coded for now. In the future, we'll be enhancing it and adding automation. 

Other systems

Please let us know if you would like to configure extension columns for you. It requires custom work via API if Ocerra is used with any other custom made integration.

Example configuration: