• To connect Ocerra with MYOB Advanced, you will need a user with an API license. 
  • Learn how to create an API user to connect Ocerra with MYOB Advanced.

Limited API vs Full User API

We recommend that you create a new user with a Full API license. Please check with your MYOB partner/integrator if you have a spare Full API license; you may need to purchase one. If you have an API license for another third-party app with low API calls, we may share the same credentials, but it is recommended to have a separate API license. 

Creating a new API user

In MYOB Advanced, go to Users

Click + Create a new user

Create Login Name: OcerraAPI (please don't use our names or email addresses for this user).

Your API user setup should look like this:


  • Untick: Generate Password and set the password manually.

Select Roles

Please ensure this user has all the required access to create AP bills in MYOB Advanced, including different entities and branches. 


AdministratorSystem Administrator
AP ClerkAccess to AP functions
AR ClerkAccess to AR functions
CA ClerkAccess to CA functions
Data Privacy ControllerData Privacy Controller
DR ViewerRead-only access to DR functions
FA ClerkAccess to FA functions
GL ClerkAccess to GL functions
TX ViewerRead-only access to TX functions

Select License Type

Full UserAccess to all features, setup and system administrator tasks
Full User(Full API)Access to all features, setup and system administrator tasks(Full API), Unlimited API Calls

Once created, please share with us your User Login Name and Password.

These credentials will be used to set up a connection between Ocerra and MYOB Advanced. 

Check this article for more information about Ocerra integration with MYOB Advanced.