• Learn how to create an API user to connect Ocerra with MYOB Advanced. 

In MYOB Advanced, go to Users

Click + create new user

Create login name: e.g. OcerraAPI

Untick: Generate Password and set the password manually

Enter email: can be any, e.g. your email

Select the following roles:


TrueAP ClerkAccess to AP functions
TrueAR ClerkAccess to AR functions
TrueCA ClerkAccess to CA functions
TrueData Privacy ControllerData Privacy Controller
TrueDR ViewerRead-only access to DR functions
TrueFA ClerkAccess to FA functions
TrueGL ClerkAccess to GL functions
TrueTX ViewerRead-only access to TX functions

Select the following license types:

Please note: our onboarding admin will have an access to your MYOB system to ensure your documents are flowing correctly. You can then remove this option. 

Full UserAccess to all features, setup and system administrator tasks
Full User(Full API)Access to all features, setup and system administrator tasks(Full API), Unlimited API Calls

Here's an example of the connection screen in Ocerra: