Ocerra has out-of-the-box integration with MYOB Advanced. It works without any installation or complex configuration.

In this article, you will learn how Ocerra is connected and what data it syncs from and to MYOB Advanced.

Ocerra syncs expense accounts, sub-accounts, tax rates, suppliers, purchase orders, stock and non-stock items, projects, project tasks, branches, payment terms and payments.

  • Ocerra syncs data every 15-minutes from MYOB. For example, if you added a new Supplier, it will be automatically synced for you. 

Ocerra exports a new bill or credit note (debit adjustment) to MYOB Advanced with the original file attached.

Here’s the data flow diagram:

*Here's the list of account types Ocerra will sync:

"Other Expense"
"Accounts Payable"
"Cost Of Sales"
"Other Current Liability"
"Other Liability"
"Long Term Liability"

Please note: We do not import balances per account. 

Connecting Ocerra with MYOB Advanced

We'll ask you to provide the following details to connect two systems:

  • Base URL
  • Company
  • Branch
  • MYOB Advanced User (Ocerra needs API license to sync data)
  • MYOB Advanced Password
  • Default Project
  • Default Sub Account

Example of MYOB Advanced connection setup in Ocerra:

We’ll connect and test the connection during the set up process for you. 


To enhance invoice data extraction, we recommend setting up the following default settings per supplier:

  • Default expense account
  • Default sub-account (if using)
  • Default tax-rate
  • Default currency
  • Default terms

Ocerra will automatically pick it up when it knows the supplier. Alternatively, you can select account or tax rate per line from the drop-down list.

Currency and terms (due date) can be also auto-detected from the default supplier settings if not shown on the invoice. You can also select it in Ocerra before posting to your system.