Ocerra offers deep, out-of-the-box integration with MYOB Advanced. It works without any installation or complex configuration.

In this article, you will learn how Ocerra is connected and what data it syncs from and to MYOB Advanced. Please refer to the dataflow diagram below.

  • Ocerra syncs data every 20-minutes from MYOB. For example, if you added a new Account* in MYOB, it will be automatically synced. There is an option to manually trigger sync process too.  
  • Ocerra creates a new bill or credit note (debit adjustment) in MYOB Advanced with the original file attached.

Dataflow between Ocerra and MYOB Advanced

*Example of accounts synced from MYOB Advanced:

"Other Expense"
"Accounts Payable"
"Cost Of Sales"
"Other Current Liability"
"Other Liability"
"Long Term Liability"

Please note: We do not import balances per account. Ocerra also sync PO accrual and PO inventory accounts depending on your setup.

Connecting Ocerra with MYOB Advanced

We'll ask you to provide the following details to connect two systems:

  • Base URL
  • Company Name
  • Default Branch
  • MYOB Advanced User (API User)
  • MYOB Advanced Password for this User

Example of the MYOB Advanced connection setup in Ocerra:

Onboarding: during the onboarding and setup process, we’ll connect and test the connection for you to ensure Ocerra is compatible with your MYOB Advanced settings. 


To enhance invoice data extraction, we recommend setting up the following default settings per supplier:

  • Default expense account
  • Default sub-account
  • Default tax rate
  • Default currency
  • Default payment terms

Ocerra will automatically pick it up based on the supplier name on the document. 

In the example below, Ocerra identified supplier name and calculated Due Date based on the default supplier Terms in MYOB and added currency, account, tax rate and subaccount automatically: 

Alternatively, you can manually code invoices in Ocerra before posting to MYOB.

2. Use Purchase Order module in MYOB

Ocerra syncs PO information from MYOB, this allows you to match invoice lines with PO lines and eliminate the need of coding invoices. Ocerra will code it for you based on the PO information.  

In the example below, Ocerra picked up supplier name from the PO and automatically matched with the invoice line updating the account, tax, item and branch based on the PO information in MYOB:

Using Purchase Orders in MYOB Advanced will save you more time and increase coding accuracy.

Learn about Purchase Order and receipt match on the line level in Ocerra.