New Features & Improvements

Approval module

A new system role has been added - "Assign Employee". This is a system role that allows to select an approver when submitting an invoice. 

For example:

Learn more here. 

Processing credit notes without invoice

  • Previously a credit note could be processed only if it was linked to an existing invoice in Ocerra.

Now, a credit note can be processed without linking it to the invoice. To learn more, please refer to this article.

Invoice page

  • A new filter criteria has been added to view all the “success” or “failed” invoices for data extraction. Quickly review invoice that require either invoice training or manual adjustment.

  • Additional visibility has been added on the invoice list.  An amount will be highlighted:
    1. If header total is not matching with the line total
    2. If there is a rounding discrepancy
    3. If it is a credit note

MYOB Advanced integration

  • A default quantity "1" has been added during export when there is no quantity(ies) on the invoice lines.
  • Projects and tasks has been added to the PO reverse search and now can be added during export to the invoice.