• Ocerra automatically syncs AccountRight Jobs so you can add them to the invoice.

Important: Deleting Jobs

  • If you would like to Delete a Job in MYOB, there will be no record for Ocerra to sync. The Deleted Job in MYOB will stay active in Ocerra. 
  • We suggest to de-activate the Job first in MYOB, Ocerra will then sync the updated information on this job, so it is no longer available from the drop-down list. Then it can be Deleted it in MYOB.

Enabling and syncing Jobs to Ocerra

  • Navigate to MYOB AccountRight integration settings in Ocerra
  • Enable Sync Jobs and Save
  • Once synced, Ocerra will automatically sync it for you*


*If some jobs aren't synced in the first go, change the Last Sync Date to older data and click sync again. Learn more about the Last Sync Date here.

Add Jobs on the line level: Invoices Page

When Jobs are enabled and synced from MYOB, the new column will be added: Jobs. 

  • Click on the Job field and start typing Job number OR
  • Click on the drop-down icon and select Job Code

The drop-down shows only the first top 20 Jobs. Type in the job number or name to see the job that you would like to add. The next time the job will be shown on the drop-down list.

Add Jobs on the line level: Approval Page

The approval page is Read-Only by default but you can allow the approver to edit jobs from General Settings - Extention field:

Then the approver can add Jobs on the approval screen too:

The Approval Page is not the same as the Invoices page. Hence the drop-down menu is not visible unless it is clicked on.

If you would like to give the approver the full edit option, navigate to the General Settings and enable the approver can edit on Approval. This will switch the Approval Page layout to the Invoice Page layout with full editing capabilities.

Purchase Order: Jobs

If you are using Purchase Orders in MYOB, you can add a job when creating a PO. When Ocerra syncs PO and matches with the Invoice, it will bring the job on the line level for you.