You will have to log in to Ocerra and use Approval page to approve invoices. You can either go directly to Ocerra to check your invoices for approval or, if you have email notifications, you can log in via email to the approval page. 

Approval page

  • Log in to Ocerra and go to Approval page
  • Use Filter to view invoices in e.g. Submitted state (depending on your workflow, you might have to approve from a different state)
  • "Approval" button shows all the invoices checked by everyone
  • "Approved by me" shows all the invoices checked by you

Download or Share Link

At the bottom of each invoice you will see Download and Share Link buttons:

  • Download - is for downloading the original file.
  • Share Link - is for creating a link to the document that you can share via email or messenger to discuss with your team members if required (they will need to have access to Ocerra to view this document ): 

Here's an example of the link it will generate: [user email address] is inviting you to look at Invoice #[number] from [Supplier Name] in [Company Name] here:

Email notifications

When you set up notifications for approval, you will receive emails when there are invoices for you to approve. When you click on the invoice in your email, it will take you to the approval page.

Please note

You can only receive an email notification for invoices that move to the Submitted status. If you have a two-step approval process, the first approver will have to log in to the Ocerra's Approval page.