• Everything you need to know about archiving documents from the Invoices List.

We recommend bulk archiving documents regularly, so your Invoices list works faster.

Archived documents aren't deleted but moved to the Archived list from your Invoices list. From this list, you can search and filter, as well as download an archived document. Archived documents are in read-only format and cannot be edited. 

There are a few options of how you can archive documents in Ocerra.: archive individual documents or bulk archive multiple documents.

Archive individual document

The purpose of this feature is to archive duplicated invoices or anything that is not an invoice, e.g. a flyer. 

Please click archive as soon as you see come across it; however, if it is a Statement, we recommend that to save it as A Statement.

Bulk archive documents

This option works for bills and credit notes only. Any other files should be manually archived using option 1.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings - Archive

Step 2: Click Bulk Archive and Configure the pop-up screen:

  • From Date - Received date of the document
  • To Date - Received date of the document
  • Is Paid - Yes, No, or leave it blank - If Ocerra doesn't have payment information synced back from your accounting or ERP system, leave it blank.
  • Is Exported - Yes, No, or leave it blank - We recommend archiving only Exported documents (bills and credit notes)
  • Status - Enter the status of the documents that you would like to archive, e.g. Submitted or Approved
  • Click Estimate if you would like to see how many documents you are going to archive
  • Click Archive

Auto-archive (Beta)

It works if Ocerra has the correct payment information synced back from your system.

To set up auto-archive, invoices need to be exported from Ocerra and paid in your system. Ocerra then syncs payment information to perform auto-archival if it is enabled. 

(!) Currently, this feature is in Beta as we are working on ensuring the payment information is synced accurately back to Ocerra depending on your accounting system. You are welcome to test it out or have it enabled.

Enabling auto-archival

  • Navigate to Settings - General
  • Auto Archive (Day) - set up after how many days you want invoices to be archived, e.g. 20
  • Auto Archive States - set up in what status(es) an invoice can be auto-archived, e.g. Submitted, Approved
  • If you have multiple statutes when auto-archival can be applied, use a comma to add more statuses, e.g. Approved, Declined


For data integrity, there is no unarchive option. However, you can “download” an archived item if you archived it by mistake.

Please contact support if you need help with archiving your documents.