Invoices in Ocerra can be auto-archived or archived manually one by one.

Auto-archive of paid and exported invoices

Auto-archival works only when an invoice has been exported to your system, paid and has status(es) setup (see below).

Auto-archival doesn't apply to credit notes or other documents that arrive in your inbox in Ocerra. So, please, manually archive it. 

Setting up auto-archive

  • Go to Settings - General
  • Auto Archive (Day) - set up after how many days you want invoices to be archived, e.g. 20
  • Auto Archive States - set up in what status(es) an invoice can be auto-archived, e.g. Approved
  • If you have multiple statutes when auto-archival can be applied, use comma to add more statuses, e.g. Approved, Declined

Manually archiving invoices

The purpose of this feature is to archive duplicated invoices or anything that is not an invoice. Please click archive as soon as you see something that will interfere with the dashboard data, e.g. duplicated invoice or invoice statement.

You will find "Archive" button on every document processed in Ocerra: 

Suppliers might also send some irrelevant documents to your AP inbox, e.g. a flyer. You will want to archive it so it doesn’t clutter your inbox. In the future, Ocerra will identify such documents and archive it automatically. 

Archive page (Settings)

On the archive page, you can view all your archived items. 

For data integrity, there is no un-archive button. However, you can “download” an archived item if archived it by mistake.

Click on the + sign next to the invoice number and click on Download button next to you it: