Connecting Ocerra account with your MYOB ARL is a simple process. You will need the following details to enter in Ocerra:

  • Company Login (User ID) e.g. Administrator, Developer
  • Company Password (sometimes, there might be no password)

Here's an example of required credentials  - please ensure you got this details right before entering it in Ocerra for connection:

Connecting Ocerra with your MYOB ARL account

Please login to your Ocerra account, then follow these steps:

Step 1. Navigate to MYOB Account Right section of the menu and click Settings:

You will see Settings details, please enter your Company Login and Company Password here:

Step 2: Click Connect button:

Step 3: Select Company that you would like to connect Ocerra with and click Select AccountModel button:

Step 4: It should take you to the MYOB login page, enter your email and password to sign in - it will then ask you to grant permission to Ocerra to access your MYOB:

Step 5: If connection was successful (MYOB login and password entered correctly), you will see this Status: 

Now you can Sync data from MYOB, once synced, Ocerra will perform sync automatically:

  • Enable Sync Jobs and Categories, Click Save and click Sync
  • Click Sync on each sync button - please wait for a result before clicking to the next Sync button. For example, after syncing Chart of Accounts, you will see your Accounts and Tax Codes:

MYOB AccountRight is ready to use with Ocerra! Ocerra will preform sync automatically from now on every 20-minutes. 

MYOB AccountRight integration overview.