Connecting Ocerra with your MYOB ARL is a simple process. You will need the following details to enter in Ocerra:

  • Company Login (User ID) e.g. Administrator
  • Company Password (sometimes, there might be no password)


You would need to confirm these details before you enter in Ocerra. 

Go to MYOB - Files - Switch Company User:

It will take you to the Company File sign in screen, e.g.: 

Please ensure you know the User ID and Password, and can use it sign in to MYOB using the above screen.

If you cannot log in to MYOB this way, you won't be able to connect Ocerra as you need to know the correct credentials. 

Please either confirm internally the details or reset the password. 

As soon as you have the right details you can use it to connect Ocerra with MYOB.

Connecting Ocerra with your MYOB ARL account

Please login to your Ocerra account, then follow these steps:

Step 1. Navigate to MYOB Account Right section of the menu and click Settings:

You will see Settings details, please enter your Company Login and Company Password here:

Step 2: Click Connect button:

Step 3: Select Company that you would like to connect Ocerra with and click Select AccountModel button:

Step 4: It should take you to the MYOB login page, enter your email and password to sign in - it will then ask you to grant permission to Ocerra to access your MYOB:

Step 5: If connection was successful (MYOB login and password entered correctly), you will see this Status: 

Now you can Sync data from MYOB, once synced, Ocerra will perform sync automatically:

  • Enable Sync Jobs and Categories, Click Save and click Sync
  • Click Sync on each sync button - please wait for a result before clicking to the next Sync button. For example, after syncing Chart of Accounts, you will see your Accounts and Tax Codes:

MYOB AccountRight is ready to use with Ocerra! Ocerra will preform sync automatically from now on every 20-minutes. 

MYOB AccountRight integration overview.