Smart Excel Export Feature

  • In the invoices folder, you'll now find a convenient download icon. Simply click to export invoices to Excel format. Hovering over the icon displays a prompt indicating the ability to "download up to 1000 records in excel format.

Enhancement:  "Approved By" added to excel report - Excel reports will now include the name of the person who approved the record. 

Read more: Smart Excel Export

 Date Range Filter in Archive Folder

  • You can now specify a custom date range to narrow down search results for quicker access to specific archived invoices.

Enhanced Receipt Import and Export

  • Our team has adjusted the receipt import and tweaked the export of receipt lines. Ocerra will now automatically use the correct line number for future receipts. 

Date Filter for PO Folder: 

  • The PO folder now includes a date filter, allowing you to easily filter and view purchase orders based on specific date ranges.

Export POs to Excel

  • You can now export Purchase Orders (POs) to Excel. This new feature allows you to easily download your POs in a format that can be used for further analysis or record-keeping. 

PO Job Code Added to PO Line

  • We've added the Job Code to the Purchase Order line for improved tracking. Please note that the Job Code currently displays only the code without a description.