PO Email Verification enhancements:

  • Verification status is now retrieved from AWS. 

  • Our verification process consists of two steps:

1. Sending a verification email.

2. Users must click on the link provided in the email to complete verification.

An address is not fully verified until the user clicks on the verification link.

Learn more here

Purchase Order Terms:

  • We've added the flexibility for users to adjust the font size of PO terms and display them in a two-column format. This enables users to shrink down lengthy terms to 1-2 pages, making them easier to read and manage.

Compare Prices Parameter: 

  • A new parameter, "Compare Prices," has been added. This feature searches for the previous invoice by the vendor and compares lines based on the item code or description. This enables you to easily identify discrepancies and ensure pricing consistency across invoices.

Please check this support article to know more.