• In short, it does not affect your integration if your connection details stay the same.


At Ocerra, we understand the importance of a seamless integration with MYOB Advanced. Many clients inquire about the impact of MYOB Advanced updates on their Ocerra integration. This article explains why there's no need for concern.

Understanding the Integration

We use the Forms Based API in MYOB Advanced to automate bill entry (Screen: SM20706, Version: Default/18.200.001). This API has its versioning system, and it's designed to be backwards compatible, ensuring our integration remains unaffected by MYOB Advanced updates.

Why we don't test individually

We don't test each client separately after MYOB Advanced updates for two reasons:

Consistency: To ensure your Ocerra integration remains intact, it's critical that the following details stay the same post-update:

If these details remain unchanged, Ocerra will automatically re-sync master records, making it ready for new bills.


Rest assured, MYOB Advanced updates won't disrupt your Ocerra integration as long as the critical details mentioned above remain consistent. Our proven integration, backward compatibility, and automated processes ensure your Ocerra system remains robust and ready for your accounts payable needs. For specific concerns or assistance, contact our support team; we're here to help you seamlessly manage your AP automation with Ocerra.

(!) With the new MYOB Advance version, it is required to update your API User details in Ocerra.

Learn how to update your API User details in Ocerra.