• Auto-code feature allows you to code GL accounts and other coding elements on the invoices with a click of a button.
  • It works by intelligently checking and copying coding information from previous invoices from the same supplier.
  • The autocode will auto-fill the blank fields only.

This new feature is enabled for everyone. The enhancement allows you to automatically apply coding to your invoice lines based on the information from previously coded invoices.

To use auto-code, simply click on the AutoCode button on the Invoices screen and it will autocode it for you.

(!) Please note that  it will work if you had this supplier in the system earlier and coded it manually. This serves as a reference point for Ocerra to apply the same coding logic to future invoices from that supplier.

Default supplier settings

Ocerra will autocode only blank fields. This means that if your supplier have GL accounts and tax codes defaulting from your supplier settings, it will keep them as it is.