Requirements to integrate MYOB Advanced with Ocerra successfully:

1. Validate Tax Totals on Entry

Validate Tax Totals on Entry should be unchecked.

  • Log in to MYOB Advanced
  • Navigate to the Accounts Payable Preferences pages. 
    • Or, search for "Accounts Payable Preference" in the search field.
  • Under General, on the right side of the screen, uncheck the box 'Validate Tax Totals on Entry.

Note: Failure to uncheck 'Validate Tax Totals on Entry' will result in an export issue - (!) CuryTaxAmt: Tax Amount must be equal to Tax Total.

2. Tax Settings stucture

In Ocerra, we operate using Tax ID on the invoice lines. 

Please ensure the correct Tax ID is existing in the category, e.g. DEFAULTD needs to have the


Same with the 0% rated purchases. Ensure that the correct Tax ID is corresponding with the correct Category.

Sometimes we observe the client is using the category that does not have any relevant tax ID on the transaction:

(!) If the category does not bring the tax ID after transaction is created, please add it to your Tax Category settings. This will help to streamline invoice processing from Ocerra to MYOB.

3. Numbering Sequence for AP Bill

 Manual numbering sequence for AP Bill should be unchecked.

  • In MYOB Advanced, navigate to Configuration on the lower left-hand side of the screen.
  • Under Common Settings, click Numbering Sequences. 
    • Or, search for "Numbering Sequences" in the search field. 
  • Uncheck the box before Manual Numbering.

When the "Manual Numbering" option is unchecked, MYOB Advanced will use a predefined numbering sequence to generate invoice numbers for exported invoices. By default, it is unchecked in MYOB.   

On the other hand, if the "Manual Numbering" option is checked, the system will ask you to enter invoice numbers manually when exporting invoices and Ocerra does not support this option via API.

Learn about configuring the connection with MYOB Advanced.