• Ocerra syncs recent master data from MYOB automatically every 20-minutes. However, there are use cases where you may need to sync data manually.

Reasons to sync data manually:

- You have added a new supplier, PO or account, and you need this information instantly in Ocerra.

- You would like to sync POs or Jobs that you created a long time ago and now need them in Ocerra.

- MYOB had some API issues that interrupted the sync process.

To manually sync data from MYOB, please navigate to Ocerra - Settings - MYOB AccountRight:

  • Choose data that you would like to sync, e.g. Suppliers or Purchase Orders and click the sync button next to it. Wait until it shows the result at the top right corner so you know that the sync process has been completed.

For example:

Last Sync Date

By default, Ocerra uses the Last Sync Date to sync the latest information. If you have added or updated data from the previous date or earlier, please change the last sync date to the previous day. E.g.:

Then click sync for the data you would like to see in Ocerra, this works when you would like to sync Jobs or POs that you might have created a long time ago.