• One-click search allows to quickly add financial information that is present on the invoice layout and your system.
  • It applies to Purchase Order numbers, Jobs and Items if it is present on the invoice layout.

Reverse search helps you to add information to the invoice data extraction screen with a few clicks. 

How-to video

Purcahse Order number

To add a purchase order number using reverse search it needs to exist in your system and be synced to Ocerra.

  • Click on the PO field and click on the PO number on the invoice layout
  • Ocerra will show available PO numbers with the same or similar match for you to pick from
  • If there is an exact match, you can train Ocerra to pick it up automatically next time. For this
    • Click the "annotate" button and the system will remember to pick up correctly the next time. This will only work with the exact match and if the PO number is outside of the invoice table. Ocerra won't find it if it is hidden in the invoice description.

Items and Jobs

Items and jobs can be added if it is present on the supplier's invoice. The same technique applies as with the PO, however, there is no annotation option for these specific items.