• This article covers the most common integration issues with MYOB AccountRight and how to work around them.

MYOB API timeouts are the most common integration issues. A timeout happens when MYOB server takes more than 30 seconds to respond usually due to their system being overloaded.

You can learn more about this type of issue as MYOB posts it from time to time to the API support portal:


As a result, you may experience some integration issues when using Ocerra. In this article we cover the most common issues and how to work around them:

Duplicates and incorrect export results

Manually creating bills in MYOB

If you have previously created invoice manually in MYOB and then exporting it again from Ocerra, MYOB may not provide timely information back to Ocerra that invoice is already created, resulting in a duplicate.

We suggest following one process and avoid manually entering invoices in MYOB when using AP automation.

Using re-export functionality in Ocerra on a regular basis

Duplication may happen even more often if you try to re-export invoice from Ocerra to MYOB. MYOB should update an existing invoice. However, in this scenario it takes more time to respond back to Ocerra that the invoice is in the system and needs updating, instead of creating a new one.

Check the Export result

During the first export the Export Result should state "Inserted", if you re-export, it should stay "Updated". If there was a timeout, it may not update the export result meaning that you will have a duplicate.

Duplicates can occur more commonly if you are using re-export functionally in Ocerra on a regular basis. The re-export option is only designed for one-off scenarios and should not be used as a regular function to avoid duplications.

Export Invoices button is not visible

  • The export Invoices button may not show up instantly in Ocerra due to timeouts. This may also affect bulk export. If this happens, please wait and try again later.

Attachments are not exporting

Another result of a timeout issue is that invoice attachments including audit log attachments are not going through to MYOB. Unfortunately, there is no way of fixing it apart from manually attaching it in MYOB.

Auto-sync interruption

  • Auto-sync of new accounts, jobs or other information may not bring information to Ocerra due to API issues on the MYOB side. If this happens, navigate to MYOB AccountRight settings in Ocerra, update the Last Sync date to a date when new information was created, e.g. a week before and manually sync required data:

For example:

A pop-up window at the top of the right top corner will appear with the number of new jobs synced (if there were any):