An email that contains a PDF attachment goes to the Invoices pages after being processed. 

If it goes to the Invoices pages successfully, the status will show Ok. 

If an email attachment doesn't go through to the Invoices page, you will see an Error State message.

This means that the attachment wasn't processed to the Invoices page. If you open it via Inbox, you will see that the system is trying to process it but nothing shows up:

There a few reasons why this might happen:

1. An attachment is too heavy, e.g. it contains a large hyperlink image or multiple pages. You can open it via inbox and download the original PDF file. You can split unnecessary pages before uploading it again. 

2. Ocerra doesn't know what workflow this invoice should be enrolled to. For example, you have created two workflows with this supplier or you have two default workflows with no supplier selected. 

Please ensure that you only have one default workflow - with no supplier selected, or that this supplier is enrolled only in one workflow. 

You can learn more about workflows here.