Invoice workflow pop up provides detailed information about how your document was approved in Ocerra. 

Please follow this step to open a workflow pop up:

1. Navigate to the Invoice tab from the menu

2. Open a document that you would like to review

3. Click on the Workflow button and you will see this pop up with three tabs (Log, Approvers and Transitions):


This tab shows how your document moved through workflow statuses, in the example above:

  • Invoice was received by Ocerra AP - shows record of when the system processed your document. 
  • Invoice was submitted by AP admin.
  • Invoice was approved by Anna Approver - she also left a comment: "Looks good".

Learn more about workflow comment here. 


This tab shows a list of approvers that can approve this document based on your workflow schema. For example, in this workflow, we only set Anna as approver:


This tab shows transitions and allows to edit an approver, for example, if Anna is away, you can edit and update an approver from the drop-down list:

Here's how to edit an Approver on the Transition tab: