• Learn how to quickly update accounts, tax codes and projects (jobs) on the line level. 

By default, Ocerra auto-fills Accounts and Tax Codes from your supplier settings imported from your system*: 

*Also, Ocerra can import data from item codes (if configured) or Purchase Order lines if used.

Sometimes, you might need to update an account or tax code on the line level regardless of your default supplier settings. 

There is a copy function that can be used on Account, Tax Code, Sub Account or Project to quickly update all the lines:

For example, select the right account and copy it for all your lines on the invoice document: 

Repeat for Tax Code, Sub account or project if required. 

Please note, this is a manual update, the AI learning mechanism is not involved, and you will have to repeat it if required. If you find that your default supplier settings require a regular update on the invoice, we recommend updating default supplier settings accordingly. Ocerra will import new settings and will apply it next time automatically.