MYOB Advanced integration.

In this article, we will show how Ocerra processes invoices with Purchase Order (PO) and Receipts. 

Purchase Orders

Ocerra will match PO information with the invoice automatically if PO exists in your system. For example:

  • (!) Ocerra syncs master data every 20-minutes, when you save your PO in MYOB Advanced, it will be imported to Ocerra automatically in 20-minutes.
  • If you would like to have it immediately, please go to your MYOB Advanced settings in Ocerra and click Sync.

When you receive an invoice for this PO, Ocerra will match it with the invoice if PO number is on the invoice. If the PO number is not on the invoice, you can select it from the PO drop-down list on the header level in Ocerra:

  • Ocerra will also match PO lines with invoice lines, including quantity and amount. 
  • If quantity or amount are not matching, Ocerra will highlight it for you so you can take action.
  • Ocerra won’t match PO lines automatically with invoice lines if PO lines are not the same, or PO has one total line and invoice has a breakdown. You will have to select the line manually; it won’t match on the line so you should compare it with the total amount. 

Exporting PO invoice to MYOB Advanced

When you export an invoice with PO, it will have a link to the PO. See below.


If you are waiting for a receipt before posting to your system, you can change the invoice status to “Receipt required”. When a receipt is created in MYOB advanced, Ocerra will automatically sync it and match with the invoice:

If you are happy with it, you can now post it to your system. In MYOB Advanced it will have the link to the PO and receipt: