New Features & Improvements

Invoices page

  • Custom columns – Customise invoices page by selecting the most relevant columns for your work in Ocerra:

  • Click on the three dots on any of the columns
  • Check or un-check the column(s) to show on the page
  • Note: this customisation works per user dashboard only 
  • Note: this is not applied to the approval page, we may consider it in our next release. 


Custom fields (API only)

Custom fields are available via API; please read this article to learn more about it.

Custom fields are part of the General Settings; hence, configuration on this page is applied across all users. 

  • Custom fields visibility

To tailor and enhance the visibility of custom fields, you can add it to the invoices and approval page lists.

Show…(column) enabler has been added to add custom fields on the invoices and approval pages:

  • Go to Settings - General – Custom Fields
  • Check a custom field on the Show… (column)
  • It will appear on the invoices and approval pages


  • Custom fields filter has been added to find relevant information about a specific custom filed/user input:

Data extraction (PO only)

  • Receipted amount – Receipt information has been added to the purchase order line matching. If receipt amount does not match per invoice line amount, it will be highlighted for you. 
  • This functionality is enabled per request, depending on the ERP system: