Workflow states (previously steps, renamed to reflect this functionality more precisely):

There are five state types in the approval workflow (WF). They have pre-defined functionality and cannot be changed:

  1. Start – this state type tells the system to search for the first step of the WF. It is commonly named as Received. 
  2. Submit – this state type is used to confirm that data extraction has been verified. It is commonly named as Submitted. 
  3. Approve – this state type tells the system that invoice is approved and ready to be exported and then archived. It is commonly named as Approved.
  4. State (pr.steps) – this is a generic state for a multi-approval scenario. However, this state type does not allow automation. E.g. it cannot be auto-archived or auto-exported. 
  5. Decline – is an experimental state type; it might be used for additional notification. It needs more data to understand if it is viable. Read more about decline state here.