New Features & Improvements

16 August


  • Auto-archive - Users can now control auto-archive process based on statuses and days. To learn more, please view this article.
  • Approval page - Zoom in and zoom out has been added to the invoices on the approval page.


  • Invoice page - If amount is not matching (red), users are prompt to review it before submitting or approving an invoice. They will be still able to proceed. 

  • Invoice page- when adding or updating supplier name on the invoice enrolled in the workflow, a supplier will be re-enrolled to a different workflow if it is found in another workflow. 
    • Click "Ok" if you want to to change the workflow schema
    • Cancel and click "Save" if you want an invoice to stay in the current workflow
    • Click the "Workflow" button on the invoice page to check to what workflow schema an invoice belongs to

1 August

Invoices page

To enhance visibility PO Number, Received (day) and Exp. (Export flag) columns has been added to the invoices page:

Approval Workflow

Vendor search has been added to the approval workflow page. If you have multiple approval workflows in Ocerra, you can now quickly find in what workflow a specific vendor is:

  • Enter vendor name and click Apply, it will show the workflow with this vendor only