In accounting and ERP software, in different industries or countries, everyone uses different terms for the same things. Here's the list of the most common one we are using in Ocerra and its equivalents: 


GL (General Ledger), GL Code = GL Account = Tax Account

GST/VAT Number = Tax Number

Tax Type = Tax Rate, e.g. GST 15% or VAT 10%

Vendor = Supplier

Invoice = Bill = AP Bill

Voucher = Invoice. We use the term Voucher in Ocerra for all unapproved invoices.

Items = Products = Stock Codes

Purchase Orders = Work Orders

Credit Notes = Credit memos

Net Amount = Sub Total = Before GST

Gross Amount = Total = Summary = Including GST

Status vs State

  • Status is used to describe an outcome of an operation (e.g. success/fail).

  • State is used to describe a stage in a process (e.g. pending/dispatched).


Open API = Swagger

AI = machine learning


AP - Accounts Payable

OCR - Optical Character Recognition

If you come across any other terms, please let us know, we will add it to the list!