In accounting, as well as in different countries or ERP systems some terms may vary. This list has the most common terms we are using in Ocerra. 

In the system

Invoices = AP bills, bills

Vendors = Suppliers

Due date = Terms if no due date on the invoice

PO = Purchase Order, Order, Work Order

Net = Net amount, sub total, before GST

Total = Gross amount, Summary, Including GST


Tax Number = GST Number or ABN Number

Account = Tax account, GL account, GL code

Tax = Tax rate, tax type

Credit Notes = Credit memos, Debit Adjustments

Voucher = Invoice. We use the term Voucher in Ocerra for all unapproved invoices. 


  • Status is used to describe an outcome of an operation (e.g. success/fail).

  • State is used to describe a stage in a process (e.g. pending/dispatched).

Data extraction

OCR = Optical Character Recognition

ML = Machine Learning

AI = Artificial Intelligence


Open API = Swagger

API = Application Programming Interface 

AP - Accounts Payable

If you come across any other terms, please let us know, we will add it to the list!