See how the data flows between two systems. 

Tax Rates

Tax rates are automatically calculated based on your supplier rates set up in Xero.

Chart of Accounts

Ocerra auto-fills GL codes for you based on the Supplier information in your Xero accounts.


Currencies are calculated based on the Supplier information provided in Xero.

We don’t support multi-currency at this stage, but you can manually pick it from the drop-down list.


Ocerra will match vendor/supplier information with the invoice. You can add specific information to help the system read the invoice correctly in the first go. You can add supplier tax code, email address and currency. 

Purchase Orders

Ocerra will match the PO number with the invoice.


The main goal of this integration is to get your bills automatically created for you in Xero. Ocerra will read and match all the information required, so you do not need to enter information in Xero manually.


After you pay your bills in Xero, the system will sync this information back to Ocerra. This way you can see the list of all your paid invoices and outstanding amount all in one place.


A new feature that you can now enable if you are using item codes.