• How to connect Ocerra with your Xero account in a few easy steps.

Ocerra offers out-of-the-box integration with Xero, follow these steps below to connect the two systems.


In Ocerra, select Xero integration for the menu and click Connect to Xero button:

Step 2

  • You will be re- directed to Xero page
  • Select the company you want to connect with Ocerra
  • Press allow access

You should now see Status: "Success" with your Xero company. For example:

Step 3

Sync Xero details one by one:

All done!

Integration settings

  • Xero invoice status: Select in what status Ocerra will create bills in Xero, e.g. Authorised/Approved.
  • Enabled - toggle one "Enabled" for  automated sync, e.g. when you create a new supplier in Xero, Ocerra will sync the details automatically.
  • Tracking Categories - toggle on and sync if you are using tracking categories in Xero.