1. Improved Support for Multi-Step Workflows

  • We've improved the display of nominated approvers in multi-step workflows. Now, the system correctly shows the appropriate number of approvers based on the button pressed. 

2. New "Submitted by" Column on Export Screen

  • The export screen now includes a "Submitted by" column, providing information of who has submitted the invoice to approver. This column is hidden by default but can be easily enabled as needed.

3. Improved Workflow Editor Suggestions

  • When expanding "Person" column in the Workflow editor, the suggested list will now automatically appear instead of showing "No Data Found". 

4. Enhanced Support for Inactive Vendors

  • Vouchers/invoice attached to inactive vendors will be displayed on the screen for reference purposes. However, users will not be able to actively search for or select them. Supplier field will displays "No Data Found". 

MYOB Advanced

1. Support for Supplier Status on Import

  • You can now import supplier status information. Deactivate suppliers in MYOB Advanced and sync them to Ocerra, the system will now sync the inactive flag as well. Additionally, on the Vendors list in Ocerra, there is now an "Inactive" flag - yes/no.


MYOB AccountRight

1. ARL Export Enhancement for Ocerra-Created POs

  • We've enhanced the ARL export functionality for Purchase Orders (POs) created in Ocerra. Now, when exporting POs from Ocerra to ARL, the Purchase Number field in ARL will be populated with the corresponding PO number generated in Ocerra.