MYOB Advanced

1. Added "Is Active" Flag to imported purchase order list

  • The imported Purchase Order list now includes an "Is Active" flag where it retains visibility of Closed POs. Closed POs will no longer disappear from the list automatically. However, if a user manually removes a matched PO from the header level and the PO is closed, re-adding it to the invoice won't be possible. 

2. PO Line Status Display

  • Now, the status of each Purchase Order (PO) line is visibly shown on the line itself, indicating whether it's completed or closed. Closed lines are now flagged in red for quick identification.

3. Closed PO Header Flag

  • Closed POs at the header level are also flagged. If removed from the header, they won't be available for search.


1. Enhanced connection testing for ARL

  • Ocerra includes validation checks to prevent saving blank values, ensuring seamless integration.