Purchase Order functionality allows you to create Purchase Orders (PO) directly in Ocerra.

Purchase Order in Ocerra is a standalone functionality and does not integrate with your accounting system.

  • If you need the full integration, please consider using POs within your accounting package. Ocerra seamlessly imports POs from Xero, MYOB AccountRight and MYOB Advanced.

Hybrid mode

We don't recommend using the hybrid mode when some purchase orders are created in your accounting software and some are in Ocerra. Unless, PO creation process carries a different purpose.

Purchase Order functionality in Ocerra allows a creation of multiple purchase order templates (goods vs services templates), setting up the approval workflows, creating and sending an email with automatically attached PO PDF to a supplier. Ocerra also allows attaching supporting documents and notify users.

Two-way match

  • Purchase Order will be automatically matched with the invoice in Ocerra.
  • Auto-approval rules can be applied.


Not touching the account areas, only the mechanics, creation and submission to supplier.