PO Line Match Enhacement

When selecting and matching PO lines with invoice lines manually, Ocerra now greys out already selected lines, for example:

PO Number Training Enhancement

Previously Ocerra could auto-match and be trained to remember the PO number with the exact match only. Now it looks for PO number without the prefix too:

Notes on the Export page are renamed to Exported Result to better reflect the meaning

Approval notes on the Dashboard are renamed to Workflow Comments to better reflect the meaning

MYOB Export Error

"Quantity billed is greater than the quantity in the original PO Receipt for this row No:23"

During export, MYOB requires an exact match; if PO Receipt has more than four digits after the decimal point (e.g.: 0.22222) you will see this message. We only support four digits after the decimal point at this stage (e.g.: 0.2222).

Auto-download from Xero Suppliers

Ocerra does not auto-download the attachment from the reminder emails. Please ensure to check the Ocerra inbox for any emails without attachment.