• Export page alerts are designed to review any issues associated with how invoice being recorded when it is exported to MYOB Advanced.
  • Invoice may or may not go through to MYOB if there is an alert note/message.
  • Please carefully review it and adjust invoice if required so you can export or re-export it to MYOB.

Totals do not match alert

This alert message is given when invoice is balancing correctly in Ocerra but when exported to MYOB, it recalculates the figures based on your rounding or tax settings. 

Here's how the alert message looks like:

If you would like to view all the invoices with this message, please filter the Status you are using for export, and set exported filter = Yes to view all warning on the Exported invoice list:

Usually will see this message if there was a rounding difference, please review exported invoice in Ocerra and adjust as required.