Responsive design is at Beta phase and we are in the process of enhancing it. Feel free to give it a go and help us with your feedback.


  • How to approve purchase invoices via mobile device.

Responsive application design allows to access application via any device. No installation or download of the Ocerra app from the Apple or Android marketplace is required.*

*Mobile application is on the Ocerra roadmap and it is currently available in Alpha phase to download from the Android marketplace only. 

Approving via internet browser on mobile device

To approve invoices via mobile device you have to go to the on your mobile browser:

  • Go to the on your mobile.
  • Log in using your Ocerra credentials - if you logged in your browser, it should remember your login details next time.
  • Use hamburger menu to go to the Approval Page.
  • Click on the invoice that you would like to approve.
  • You can zoom in and zoom out to view the invoice.
  • Scroll down to approve your invoice.
  • Click on the + sign on the description level if you have to add Job/Project number or sub-account.

While in Beta, accessing purchase invoices via email notification links is not available.