An AP aging report was replaced with your recent documents list. This list shows open documents for each approver taking to the approval page:

An AP aging report can be build using Odata connector. See an example of AP aging report using Power BI.

MYOB Advanced integration

New control parameters have been added:

  • Enable Connection

By default, it is always enabled. If you are implementing or configuring a new module in MYOB Advanced, you can temporarily disable the automatic connection between Ocerra and MYOB advanced. 

Go to Settings - MYOB Advanced - Settings - Enable Connection

  • Calculate Taxes in Acumatica

If you want to calculate taxes in MYOB Advanced, enable this flag. By default, it is enabled. In Ocerra will calculate taxes from invoice.

  • Tax Inclusive lines parameter has been added.


Overriding rounding issue as per supplier invoice

A supplier has a rounding issue on the invoice and when exported to MYOB Advanced, it recalculates numbers correctly. However, it is causing an issue because total is not matching an original invoice total.

Ocerra can now override myob advanced calculations and force rounding as per supplier's invoice.