• What is a bucket list dashboard and how it works.

A bucket dashboard refers to a visual interface or summary view of categorized invoice lists based on the extracted invoice data, invoice status or other invoice information.

An example of a bucket list can be found on your existing default dashboard, see Recent Documents:

Below are some examples of custom dashboard in Ocerra.

  • Bucket list “Ready to submit” 
    • Invoices in this list have key data extracted and ready for export.
  • Bucket list “Unrecognised”
    • This lists filters all non invoice documents that are flowing through the Ocerra inbox.
  • Bucket list “PO required” 
    • Invoices in this bucket list require a PO but have not been fully matched.
  • Bucket list “Duplicated”
    • Invoices in this bucket list have a duplicate.

Example 1

Example 2

Configuring bucket lists and adding a new dashboard is a paid service. Please provide a detailed information and criteria for each bucket list that you would like to add to your bucked dashboard:

1. Bucket name for each list.

2. Bucket list criteria on how it should filter and display incoming invoices for each bucket list.

3. If you would like the bucket list dashboard to be hosted on a separate webpage or replace existing default/global dashboard. 

4. Send request to our support portal.