Custom dashboard building is a paid service done by Ocerra team.


  • What is a custom dashboard building and how it works

Custom dashboard component is designed to build custom "buckets" for your invoices in Ocerra. This dashboard type is different from your regular analytics dashboard. Each bucket is programmed to filter invoices based on the invoice data, e.g. supplier name, calculation accuracy, missed or required information. 

(!) Please note, when using a custom dashboard component, it replaces your Ocerra's default dashboard.

Below are some examples of custom dashboard in Ocerra.

Client requirement:

  • Filter “Ready to submit” invoices in one bucket.
  • Filter “Unrecognised” items in one bucket, e.g. supplier is unidentified.
  • Filter “PO required” invoices in one bucket.
  • Filter “Duplicated” invoices in one bucket.

Each bucket has a related name or description:

Example 1

Example 2

If you have an idea of how you would like to filter your invoices, or would like us to give you suggestions, please create a request in the support portal.