New Features & Improvements


Data extraction

  • Multiple GSTs on the invoice

While we are continually working on improving our data extraction engine behind the scenes, in this release, you will notice that invoices with multiple GSTs are extracted more accurately.

  • Decimal precision

Decimal precision is how many digits after decimal point on Quantity is required to be extracted. It should be between 1-4. To set up this precision, go to Settings – General – Decimal Precision:


Archived invoices

Workflow history has been added to the archive page, also each archived invoice can be viewed individually:


MYOB Advanced

  • Workflow comment added to the description summary page in MYOB Advanced

The last approval comment in the workflow log can be now added to the description field on the main Bills & Adjustment dashboard in the MYOB Advanced.



Comments are part of the approval workflow in Ocerra, if you are not using approval module in Ocerra, you can still benefit from this functionality. Every account in Ocerra has a default workflow setup, you might be using it to “submit” invoices before posting to your system for payment. 

Alternatively, the first invoice line is auto extracted to the description field if comments are disabled.


Custom dashboard component (paid service)

Custom dashboard component is designed to build a custom dashboard directly in Ocerra. Using programming languages it can automatically filter invoices into custom buckets. 

Here’s an example dashboard:

Requirement (example):

  • Review “Ready to submit” invoices in one bucket.
  • Review “Unrecognised” items in one bucket, e.g. supplier is unidentified.
  • Review “PO required” invoices in one bucket.
  • Review “Duplicated” invoices in one bucket.

All the incoming invoices are automatically placed into an individual folder or bucket that is displayed on the home page.

Example 1

Example 2

To request this service, please contact us using our our support portal with a title "Custom dashboard".