Ocerra only processes invoices or credit notes, it does not process or export statements into your system. 

A statement may contain the amounts from past invoices that you have not paid yet, however, you are not paying it from the statement. This is just for your reference, there should be a corresponding invoice for each amount on the statement. 

However, a statement may include an invoice for the current period. In this case, they system should be trained to extract the Total Current Period Transaction. 

Note: The system is limited to extract only the first 5-pages of the document. This also refers to the consolidated invoice. Read more about it here. If can download an invoice that was truncated to see the rest of it and if required, enter the last page manually. 

Note: Ocerra may not load an invoice or statement that contains multiple pages with numerous data. There is no single description for a system to pick-up. It may pick up some data but you will have to manually add/amend it if you require a specific information per line. 

To summarize 

  • If you receive a document that consists of the statement and invoice for the current period, Ocerra will extract only Total Current Period Transactions which you can export along with other pages of the document. 
  • If you receive a statement only, which is a summary of all your owed amounts to the supplier, please "archive" it and process as you would normally do in your system. 

If you need more information, please feel free to contact support.