Read this if you are using Purchase Orders.

Ocerra can match your invoices with PO number, quantities, and amounts. Depending on your workflow/integration, the system can auto-export invoices if one or all matching criteria are met.

Including PO approval status in your system. For example, if the PO wasn’t approved or receipted, Ocerra won’t export it.

If it fails on any of the criteria, you will have to review this invoice first before exporting to your system. You can force an export manually if it does not match.

You can also add extra steps to the approval workflow with PO, for example, you can “wait for the PO to be receipted”. In this case, you can move this invoice to the “pending” status. Once it is receipted, it will be automatically imported to your system or you can review “pending” invoices and manually export it.

(!) Please note, all the above scenarios depend on your integration setup.

How to enable auto-approval for purchase order invoices.