At Ocerra, we are offering file-based integration to only aid an API integration. For example, some ERP or accounting systems might take time to complete an entire API integration due to the complexity of such systems. Therefore, some parts of the integration can be aided with file-based import or export, depending on the situation. 


Example use-case #1

You can import COA to Ocerra while we are (or you are) completing integration with the ERP system. This will fast-forward the implementation and onboarding process. By the time an integration is complete, Ocerra will be ready to use.


Example use-case #2

You can export invoices after data extraction is complete to your SharePoint or OneDrive. 


Important: A file-based integration, will not replace a full-blown API integration with Ocerra. If you would like to achieve a high degree of automation with our product, we recommend using API integration.