• Learn how to import data from your system to Ocerra.

You can import the following information to Ocerra:

  • Currency codes
  • Tax rates
  • Accounts/GL codes
  • Item Codes
  • Vendors and default vendor information such as account, currency code, tax rate or other information you would like to add to the invoice when coding

Here's an example template that you can download from Ocerra.

Please note that we have added 'Extension' tabs in the file. These are custom fields where you can add whatever custom-specific fields you wish. 

For example, if you want to add a 'Branch' column: 

There is no default 'Branch' tab or template in the file. To have 'Branches' reflected in the invoice extracted table, you need to fill out the data in the 'Extension1' tab following the provided template.

To make these changes in Ocerra, you have to add the correct details, such as the ID, which you can obtain from your accounting system.

(New)  Added item code import feature

This enhancement enables you to import item codes from an Excel spreadsheet into Ocerra.  

To import this information, go to SettingsGeneralImport and click to Download Template. 

Follow the instructions on the Excel template to add the required information.

IMPORTANT: Do not change the column headings in the template file. These need to be unchanged for the import to work in the next step.

Here's how to upload the file:

To confirm that the import to Ocerra was successful, you can check the imported data on the same page: